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We are really glad that you have chosen to visit us here in cyberspace and we would also want to encourage you to come and visit our lively and growing congregation in Pontefract. We are an open, welcoming and inclusive…Read more »

Father Bob


A thank you from Bishop Tony

I am writing to thank you for your full payment of the 2006 Parish Share and ask that you pass this on to your PCC and all those who contributed from your congregation.Read more »

St. Mary’s wins Royal seal of approval

Since its ‘rising from the rubble’ on the site of the demolished St. Mary’s Church in 2004, the St. Mary’s Community Centre has become a focal point in the regeneration of Chequerfield and neighbouring areasRead more »

Events in Lent

Lent has always been a time when Christians have looked to further their study and enhance their relationship with ChristRead more »

Life as a trainee Pastoral Minister ~ by Cheryl D Holmes

I have spent the past 3 years studying for the Bishops’ Certificate in Pastoral Ministry and would like to share some of my journey with you. It has been a most interesting time not always easy…Read more »

Bless this House! ~ by Alma Mangnall
They say you’re never too old to learn!  Or to have new experiences. I recently had both when I mentioned to Fr. Bob that I had ‘down-sized’ and moved into a bungalow in Larkshill.  His first reaction was, “Oh, good, give me a call and we’ll arrange a House Blessing!…Read more »

Father Bob in Mara

In November, Father Bob visited our link diocese of Mara and took many pictures during his stay, a small selection of these are available to view here. If anyone would like to view all of the pictures, please contact Fr. Bob for details… Read more »  

The Great St. Giles Balloon Race is a huge success!

Update: Furthest balloon reported so far ~ Sweden!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the Great Balloon Race held at St. Giles on Saturday 2nd December, it was great fun for all ages and launched the Community Appeal events spectacularly with hundreds of colourful balloons being released throughout the day, good luck to everyone who bought a balloon!

Meals for Mara

When Jean and I started our ‘Meals for Mara’ project, we wanted to provide help on the basis of a ‘good deal’… Read more »


MONDAY 4 FEBRUARY at 12.30pm


As part of their curriculum, music students from N.E.W. Collegewill be giving a concert in St. Giles’ Church, commencing at 12.30pm.  Admission is free and refreshments will be available.  Do come along and show your support for these very talented young people.


Proceeds for St. Giles’ church funds

Following the success with her Christmas cards, Jean Johnson has been hard at work recently making individually-crafted Easter cards.  These will be on sale on Sundays to be announced in the Sunday Notices Sheet.  The first sales will be on Sunday 3 February by the Font.  In addition to the Easter cards, Jean also makes individual birthday cards.  All proceeds are for church funds.


8.00am St. Giles’ Said Mass:  9.00am  St. Mary’s  Mass with Hymns

10.15am  St. Giles’  Parish Mass  


12.30pm  St. Giles’  Concert by N.E.W. College music students

2.00pm    St. Giles’   Mothers Union Lenten Service  


7.00pm  St. Giles’ Whist Drive  


7.30pm   St. Giles    Organ Recital by Dr Gordon Stewart  


7.00pm   St. Giles’ Whist drive  


7.00pm  St Giles’ Whist Drive



30 to 40 minutes of music on the recently refurbished 1895 J J Binns organ, played by Paul Dewhurst, Director of Music at St. Giles’ or by a guest organist.

Admission free            Refreshments served from 12.45pm

Parish Visits to Mara – 2007/2008  

Following Fr. Bob’s visit to Mara last year, a number of people have expressed an interest in joining a St. Giles’ with St. Mary’s parish visit to our link parish of Majengo Mapya in Mara.  

Fr. Bob recently held a meeting with all the people concerned and it was concluded that there would probably be two parish-organised visits – one later this year and one early in 2008.  Fr. Bob would lead the 2007 visit and, in all probability, a member of the 2007 party would lead the 2008 group.  

There is still room to accommodate a few more members in both parties.  Anyone interested in either of the 2007 or 2008 visits please contact Fr. Bob for more details.

Thursday’s at 7.00pm – St. Giles’ Whist Drives The whist drives are held at 7.00pm on Thursdays.  We are getting more newcomers and they all seem to enjoy the company, the fun and the not-too-serious whist.  Why not come along and see for yourself.  Admission is £3 per player, including a glass of wine/soft drink and cakes,etc, plus an optional £1 raffle. Profits raised are for the Community Appeal.

St. Giles’ Welcome ministry ~ Do you have a view on how we can improve our welcome to all the people who come to St. Giles? Your opinion is very important. Please click here to send us an e-mail with your ideas.

Fairtrade Stall ~ As you know, we run a weekly Fairtrade Stall. The products on sale make a real difference to people’s lives in the developing world. Please make time to have a look at the products during coffee. Fairtrade products do cost slightly more, but you are radically changing someone’s life for the better by buying some rather good and exciting produce. Our relative wealth brings responsibility – please respond to that responsibility, it makes a big difference to people’s lives.

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