Baptism Visitors

Baptism Visitors

In the last two months we have begun a new system, using Baptism Visitors to welcome those who are to be baptised at St Giles’. Some of you have wanted to know more, so here are some details.

In the past, families requesting baptism will often have had only one real contact with the church – the day of the service. There would be almost no contact with the church community itself, even though the purpose of the service is to welcome the newly baptised person into God’s family.  It was decided therefore to offer a different and warmer welcome through Baptism Visitors.

Once the family has made a request for baptism a Baptism Visitor arranges to visit. The Visitor’s main purpose is to help the family members feel welcomed and to make sure that they know someone from the church community.

There is time for further preparation when, at some time before the service, the family meets with Fr. Bob. The Baptism Visitor will then attend the baptism itself and will take part in the service by offering the candle to the child. He or she will then make one further visit to the family to deliver the baptism certificates and to follow up any questions if necessary.

We hope that through this ministry people will have a greater sense of being part of God’s family and of His community at St Giles’ in particular.

Mary Murray