The Childrens Society ‘Stand by me’ Challenge

The Childrens Society 'Stand by me' Challenge

Imagine a world where everything you say is ignored, where no one asks you what you think. Imagine you have been moved away from the people you love, to somewhere where you don’t know anybody. Imagine someone else deciding what clothes you are to wear, what you are going to eat, when you can wash. Imagine no one listening when you try to tell them you’re being bullied. A bad dream?  Not for many of the 13,300 disabled children and young people who are currently placed away from home in England . We know that these children are often not consulted when decisions are made about their lives, and that their communication difficulties can mean that their own views are ignored.

The Children’s Society is campaigning for all disabled children placed from home to have access to an independent advocate – someone to give them a voice and keep them safe. The Children’s Society Stand By Me Box Challenge is to distribute 13,300 new home donation boxes across England – one for every disabled child living away from home – helping to raise an extra £200,000 per year for their crucial work with children.

House-boxes are emptied twice a year by Angela Bradley, The Children’s Society local parish co-ordinator. Please contact Angela on 01977 613643 and she will be pleased to supply you with a box and add your name to her list of local supporters.

Please take a house-box and make a difference to the lives of those forgotten children who face danger, discrimination or disadvantage in their daily lives.